SOLA festival 2015

SOLA brings a wide spectrum of experimental music and film to WHS Teatteri Union. Two-day event introduces artists from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK and Norway. Musical, visual, and aesthetical borders are to be broken.

SOLA is organized by Välirivi ry, a non-profit organization devoted to experimental sound and moving picture. The festival is organised in collaboration with WHS Teatteri Union.

Friday 27.11.2015

Selection of Ian Helliwell's short films (UK)
Otzir Godot (Fin)
Vinyl Horror (Dk)
Sons of God (Swe)
Destroyer 2048 (Fin) (Live AV)

Saturday 28.11.2015

Selection of Ian Helliwell's short films (UK)
Taco Bells (Fin)
Lau Nau (Fin)
Reijo Pami (Fin)
Sindre Bjerga (No)
AGF (De/Fin)

SOLA is supported by:
Nordic Culture Fund
Helsinki City / Cultural Office
Finnish Music Foundation

Friday 15e
Saturday 15e

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Age limit: 18+

Sindre Bjerga (Norway)

Cassette player drones, kitchen sink psychedelia :::: sound ghosts hidden deep in the molten magnetic tapes:::::

Bjerga has been touring Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Argentina and South Korea for many years. His incredible long form isolationist and cavernous tape-drone meditation have been released on more than 200 records across the underground spectrum.


Ian Helliwell

Hellivision Two: Found Footage, Abstraction and Animation is a joyful ride through different modes of Ian Helliwels work. We see everything from beautifully decaying film to vinyl fetishism to sound visualizations to juxtapositions of nudity and car crashes. And more.

Plus remember Expo worlds -screening and Q&A today at the basement of Made in Kallio, 14.00!

Hellivision Two, Saturday 21.00

Disc Break (1998, 3'25)

Gyrations (2015, 4'50)

A Storm Is Brewing (2014, 4'20)

Bubbling Under (2013, 4'20)

Drill Bits (2011, 4'45)

Crash Testing (2012, 4'05)

Travelling Waveforms (2013, 4'30)

A Contrast In Sound (2014, 4'40)

EMS 8 (2008, 2'45)

Hellivision One: Light, Feedback and Electronics starts with Ian Helliwells light -trilogy, which got an astonishing additional chapter, Escape the Light, last year. The sculptural forms and spaces in these films are a result of pointing the camera straight at a projector beam. The things get heavy but harmonious in the other half of Hellivision One, when we sink into the depths of optical feedback.

Ian Helliwell will be presenting all screenings.

Hellivision One, Saturday 18.00

Into the Light (1998)

Return to the Light (2001)

Beyond the Light (2003)

Escape the Light (2014)

Colour Supply (2009)

Light Activation Feedback (2010)

Hellicam Feedback (2012)

Molecular Feedback (2014)

Ian Helliwell ”Practical Electronica”
Documentary by Ian Helliwell on the electronic music pioneer F. C. Judd, “Practical Electronica” will open the festival. The film charts the development of his work with electronic and tape music through the 50s and 60s. Hear some exciting excerpts of Judds music below.


LAU NAU (fin)

Laura Naukkarinen, aka Lau Nau is a singer-songwriter, producer and film music composer. Her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed soundworld builds on fragile, spectral otherness. Her fourth album ”HEM. Någonstans” (Fonal records 2015) takes us to the fleeting borderline between contemporary classical and experimental music.



A Helsinki based experimental musician. In his work mundane and unwanted sounds are presented as such, without an attempt to form them into music, or at most very primitive music. Often you will hear bad quality field recordings, different surfaces amplified with contact mics (tables, cardboard..), household electronic items or self-made wind or percussion instruments.


One of the foremost artists molding film material at the moment, Ian Helliwell has been building his own universe of films from the early nineties. In his work the found footage is transformed to abstractions and the seemingly abstract rays of color and light seem more concrete than ever.

The soundtracks are an instrumental part of his work, composed and realised by the artist himself, mainly with Hellitron sound generators, all spawn from the same lab in Brighton.

Helliwell has been fleshing out thematic screenings for years, adding new films little by little. At Sola we will see several of these programmes, often spanning a decade or more. Some having a premiere of the current installment at the festival.

Crosshatch will be seen as a part of Split Screening on Friday.



The Sons of God (Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred) work in the borderland between performance, installation and music; everything contributes to the whole and provides the basic structure for that inquisitive and expansive spirit which is apparent in the Sons of God´s working method. Sound objects, pre-recorded compositions, physically demanding movements, the voice, the staged meetings and conditions, the objects: all of this constitutes the foundation for an attempt to gain access to those hard to those rare moments when daily life merges with the heroic nature of the inner self.

Taco Bells

Without a doubt, one of the most energetic of any finnish free-jazz groups....

TACO BELLS is a three-way free-wave improvisation unit. Saxophonist Sami Pekkola, bassist Tero Kemppainen and percussionist Jaakko Tolvi manage to create some of the most adorable sounds we can imagine. They are also known from such bands as Jooklo Finnish Quartet, Lau Nau, Mohel, Rauhan orkesteri and Kemialliset ystävät.

During the past years the trio has been seasoned with spices by Martin Küchen, Pekka Airaksinen, Stuart Arnot, Alan Wilkinson, Pekko Käppi and Peter Brötzmann!

here with bröz::


AGF (de/fin)

Antye Greie-Ripatti is a digital songwriter, composer, sound artist, poet, curator, educator and practicing artistic director of the arts organization Hai Art in Hailuoto, Finland. Exploration of digital technology, the human and the non-human lead to a wide range output from classic CD audio format, audiovisual performances, public and social space appearances, communication projects, sonic and feminist activism, curation and unique formations as a children iPad Orchestra working with field recordings.

Antye is known for music as Laub, AGF and poemproducer and record producer AGF Producktion.

AGF & Tujiko Noriko: I Am : New Woman


DESTROYER2048 (fin)

Destroyer2048 works with the relationship between audio and video aiming to the equal dependency between both medias. Without one there’s neither. Destroyer2048 runs on electricity which every person and machine perceive in its own way. Everything is analog and improvised and no pre-recs are in use. Destroyer2048 is a band, a performance and a media-artist.

Destroyer2048 exhibition also tomorrow & Saturday @ Free Art Space!



Godot is a drummer and percussionist, specialized on improvisation. He has studied orchestral percussion with Pentti Jylhä and Markku Hannola and drums with Bjarne Rostvold and Tom Nekljudow. A great part of his improvised work has been done in the field of modern dance in co-operation with Aki Suzuki, Pia Lindy, Sini Haapalinna and Titta Court. In past years he has been part of groups Ma-a Trio, Zoga and Otzir Godot – Jaap Klevering -duo.


alias Greta Christensen (works in the collaboration: VINYL -TERROR & -HORROR together with Camilla Sørensen)

The project exists since 2001 and focuses on the relationship between objects and sound and is materialized as installation, sculpture, composition work or as live concerts.

The work - whether it is a presented as an installation or a concert - uses sound to create a cinematic narrative that always directly refer back to the medium playing it or the situation it is presented in.

The sculptural work includes amounts of various materials where the live concert focuses exclusively on LP-records and turntables.