SOLA festival 2018

SOLA is an annual festival for experimental music and film. The fourth festival highlights the essayistic work of Brazilian filmmaker Ana Vaz and the video works of British sound & media artist Theo Burt.

Ana Vaz is a Brazilian artist and filmmaker whose films, writing and performances questions the relationship between language and cinema through the traces of utopian projects, colonial histories and the politics of otherness. The four films we have selected offer a wide but comprehensive view on her ouevre.

Theo Burt is a UK based musician and artist working with live performance, recorded music and audio-video work. Albums include Summer Mix (Entr’acte / Death of Rave, 2011) and Gloss (Presto!?, 2015). His work incorporates computer and hardware sound/video synthesis, restructurings of existing music and contextual conflicts. Burt comes to Helsinki to present a brand new work entitled “Automatics Group - Video Remixes” and a series of his older playfully geometric video works.

We will also have a selection of local ingeniousness; Eilien forms live coded ambient pop tunes, composer/sound artist Tytti Arola’s presents new spatial work, Samuli Tanner and Matti Luokkanen perform a sampledelic slice of wild free jazz fusion, Antoine Verhaverbeke fathoms slowly building meditative overtones from electric guitar, Konstaeino brings the singer-songwriter ethos to the 21st century and finally the playful but powerful solo improvisation of the acclaimed saxophonist Linda Fredriksson meets cameraless film creations of Julian Józef Antonisz.

The festival is organized by the non-profit association Välirivi ry in collaboration with WHS Teatteri Union.

SOLA Festival 2018

Friday 23.11. 19-23
Ana Vaz: Un Film Réclamé – A Film Reclaimed (2015, 19’36)
Ana Vaz: Há Terra! – There Is Land! (2016, 12’37)
Theo Burt presents Automatics Group – Video Remixes
Samuli Tanner & Matti Luokkanen
Tytti Arola
Linda Fredriksson with films by Julian Józef Antonisz

Saturday 24.11. 19-23
Ana Vaz: Sacris Pulso (2008, 15’00)
Ana Vaz: Occidente (2014, 15’15)
Theo Burt: Early Geometries
Antoine Verhaverbeke

Friday: 10e
Saturday: 10e
Friday & Saturday joint ticket: 15e

WHS Teatteri Union: Siltavuorenranta 18

More info about the artists:
Theo Burt:
Ana Vaz:
Tytti Arola:
Antoine Verhaverbeke:
Matti Luokkanen & Samuli Tanner:

SOLA festival is supported by:
City of Helsinki Cultural Office
The Finnish Music Foundation

Festival timetable:
Friday 23.11. 19-23
19 Ana Vaz: Un Film Réclamé - A Film Reclaimed (2015, 19’36, DCP)
19.20 Ana Vaz: Há Terra! - There Is Land! (2016, 12’37, DCP)
19.40 Linda Fredriksson with films by Julian Józef Antonisz:
Ostry film zaangażowany (A Highly Committed Movie) (1979)
Polska kronika non-camerowa nr 8 1985. Wydanie A (1985)
Światło w tunelu (1986) (all 35mm)
21 Tytti Arola
21.30 Samuli Tanner & Matti Luokkanen
22.15 Theo Burt presents Automatics Group - Video Remixes

Saturday 24.11. 19-23
19 Ana Vaz: Sacris Pulso (2008, 15’00, DCP)
19.15 Ana Vaz: Occidente (2014, 15’15, DCP)
19.40 Antoine Verhaverbeke
21 Theo Burt: Early Geometries
21.45 Konstaeino
22.15 Eilien