Aino Juutilainen

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Aino Juutilainen is a Helsinki-based cellist, composer and sound designer. She is known for her band AINON, whose debut album 'Drought' (We Jazz Records 2020) has received praise both in Finland and abroad. In addition to her own band, Juutilainen plays in Josu Mämmi Trio, Quartet Ajaton and Mikko Sarvanne Garden, among others. Juutilainen has built a career in interdisciplinary projects, combining her roles as a performer and sound designer. Despite her background in classical music, she finds it difficult to hold back in purely written music. Improvisation pops up between the staves like weeds in the cracks of asphalt. Juutilainen is currently particularly inspired by the sound of leaf blowers and birdsong.

Photo:  Leif Laaksonen