Kari Väkevä

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Kari Väkevä (b 1957) is a Finnish composer and sound artist whose oeuvre includes orchestral works such as Symphony (1976-1979) which was partly recorded by Finnish RSO/Jorma Panula in 1982 and Elegia (1989-1990) performed by RSO Frankfurt/ Diego Masson in 2005, and electroacoustic works like Ray 6 (2002), Halo (2005-2007), p(X) (2011), Sundog i (2012-2015), Sundog ii (2012-2015), I saw Eternity (2016), I kiss the Sky (2017-2018), and If Bees are few (2018). Electroacoustic works have been performed in ICMC, EMM and NYCEMF. An installation was exhibited in Blacksburg, VA. Early works are acoustic. From 2001 onward the electroacoustic works use computer to synthesize the sound: Csound, and from 2003 with MAL-d, an evolving synthesis software. He is a self-educated composer.