Sofia Zaiceva

Sofia Zaiceva is a sound artist, pianist, DJ and electro-acoustical composer hailing from Latvia. Classically trained, she is presently pursuing her master's degree in Music Technology at Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki. Her musical focus lies within the realm of experimental electronic music, marked by a technologically driven approach that prioritises immersion. Sofia’s creative exploration is concentrated on such techniques as coding, spatial sound and improvisation. Her artistic vision revolves around utilising sound as a malleable entity to evoke associations and alter perception. Sofia also performs as a DJ and as a part of
experimental electronic music duo ”flowerpower”.

Performance description

title: “objects in mirror are closer then they appear”
anticipation, impending change, or the unexpected : this improvisation based performance is a conduit for mindful presence and self-exploration in acousmatic world. Listeners are invited into uncharted territory, where noise transforms into order, and concentration triggers controlled chaos.

Photo: Marlene Leppänen